Our goal
is to empower
the youth cancer

Going through cancer is something like bull-riding. It’s completely uncontrollable and all you can really do is hang on & go for a ride. By adjusting how you perceive the ride, you’re able to squeeze some control out of a turbulent experience. The way you tell your story–your cancer story–is completely within your command.

Discover your story.

Tell it. And share your newfound control with the next person
riding the bull.

The Three Peaks of Narrative Therapy

1. The Interview

The process or recording your own story without thought to self-editing or structure.

2. Assembly

Taking the narrative of your experience and shaping it into a desired form.

3. Presentation

The act of showing the result to yourself or other people. This is crucial; it makes the narrative concrete and plants the seed of that story in the minds of others.